West Lothian Council area is one of the 32 council areas in Scotland. It has various West Lothian Towns and Villages as we shall see later in this article. West Lothian Council area has a population of 180,112 thereby ranked 9th position among the 32 council areas of Scotland. In terms of size, it is the 20th largest council area in Scotland with an area of 428 km2 and a population density of 421 people per km2. It is bordered by the following other council areas in Scotland: Falkirk, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Scottish Borders and Edinburgh City. The table below is a brief overview of the statistics of West Lothian.

Council Area West Lothian
Population 180,112
Population Rank out of 32 9 out of 32
Area Size (km2) 421
Area Rank out of 32 20 out of 32
Population Density 421
Location of West Lothian Towns and Villages

Location of West Lothian Towns and Villages


The following is a list of West Lothian Towns and Villages by Population. Data is from the census of 2011.

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1 Livingston 56,271 Town
2 Bathgate 20,369 Town
3 Linlithgow 19,012 Town
4 Broxburn 14,142 Town
5 Armadale 10,832 Town
6 Whitburn 10,534 Town
7 Mid Calder 5,374 Village
8 Blackburn 4,971 Town
9 Fauldhouse 4,732 Village
10 Stoneyburn 3,793 Village
11 Harthill 3,576 Village
12 Kirknewton 2,268 Village
13 Winchburgh 2,021 Village
14 Blackridge 1,928 Town
15 Dechmont 992 Village
16 Ecclesmachan 815 Village
17 Longridge 664 Village
18 West Calder 539 Village
19 Burnwynd 59 Village

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