Nowadays, affiliate marketing ranks top among the various methods of earning money online.  Success in affiliate marketing is to a greater extent determined by the kind of affiliate products you decide to promote.  This is because the failure of many affiliate marketers is by far attributed to wrong selection of the affiliate product.

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Further, the medium you use to promote the affiliate product is as important as selecting the affiliate product itself. Therefore, I would advise that you select the affiliate product that you have used yourself or the one you use daily.

As for the medium you use to promote, you can write blog posts with content relevant to the affiliate product you have chosen. This will by far increase the conversion rate of your readers. The following is a detailed analysis illustrating how to select the best affiliate product to promote:

Select the best affiliate product

Select the best affiliate product

Make use of search engine networks

Search engines like Google and Bing can play a great role in helping you find the best niche affiliate product to promote. All you need to do is to insert the main keyword of you blog post into the search network. Then include affiliate program in the same search network. By doing so, you most likely to find affiliate products that are relevant to your blog post. For instance if you have a blog that has content about sporting products, you can search in Google “Sporting Products Affiliate Program”.  If there are affiliate programs about sporting goods, they will show on Google search results.


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Find out how your competitors are fairing

Research about the products in your niche which other people are promoting. By finding what other successful bloggers in your niche are promoting, you could come up with the best affiliate product to promote.

Find out for how long the product has been selling well in the market

Many products introduced in the internet you may find out that they really sell well at the beginning. Gradually, their sales begin to fade away and they  finally drop. Your goal is to make consistent income from a given affiliate product for long time. Therefore you should consider investigating for how long the product in your niche has been selling well regardless of the time of the year.

Decide on your niche first before selecting an affiliate product

Many affiliate rushes into selecting a product to promote just because others are promoting it and they end up failing. That is wrong. You should first build on a great niche of your choice and affiliate products related to your niche will come automatically. For instance, assume that  you love websites designed from wordpress and you are currently hosting wordpress website. Then you could select your niche as wordpress websites and then start writing blog posts about wordpress. Afterwards, you can now select affiliate products relating to wordpress to promote.  Such products that you can promote include premium wordpress themes and premium wordpress plugins.

Start by using the product yourself prior to selecting it as an affiliate product

Many affiliates just start promoting a product without any knowledge about that particular product. Most likely they end up failing. Before you start persuading other people to buy a certain product, you should first begin by using that product yourself. By so doing, you will establish certain crucial information regarding the product. For example product’s sales process, customer service effectiveness and how easily a beginner can be in a position to user that product.  With that kind of information about that product, you will be at a better position to present it to a potential buyer.

How many other products can you promote in a given niche?

It is every affiliate marketer’s wish to promote an affiliate product that has other related products that he can promote. This is because by concentrating in only one product, it becomes hard to compete with other marketers that promote several related products in a given niche.

Further, multiple products increases a chance of making a sale. For example assume you are promoting wordpress premium themes.  Then you can include other products that relates to wordpress premium plugins in the same review. This is because a buyer might not interested in premium themes at the moment. He might be interested in wordpress plug in instead. So before you select an affiliate product to promote, find out if there are other related products you can promote.

What is the percentage commission you will get from a product?

Promoting products that will give you low commission like $3 will not take you far. This is because of the advertising costs and other related costs associated with the promoting process. Try as much as you can to promote product in your niche. But also take into consideration the commission value you will get once  the product you are promoting sells. That will encourage you to venture further into the affiliate marketing.

How well does a product sell

An affiliate product from your niche could have a good commission. The question you should ask yourself is, does it sell regularly? This is based upon the number of recent sales that have been made regarding that particular product.

Network with already successful affiliate marketers

In any business you think about, you will find that there are entrepreneurs who are already successful in that business. To be successful in such a business, you should consider networking with those entrepreneurs. By so doing they can share a few tips that can help you to be successful also. In the same way, there are people who are already successful in affiliate marketing and by networking with them, they will give you good advices on affiliate product and so on

Search Online market places for Affiliate Product

Many market places for instance Amazon Associates, Clickbank and Commission Junction have numerous products. You can select any of these promote depending on the niche of your blog. Although Amazon has a range of products that you can select, it has very low commission ranging around 5% to 15%.