Midlothian Council area is one of the 32 council areas in Scotland. It has various Midlothian Towns and Villages as we shall see later in this article. Midlothian Council area has a population of 88,627 thereby ranked 26th position among the 32 council areas of Scotland. In terms of size, it has an area of 355 km2 hence ranked position 21. It has a population density of 250 people per km2. It is bordered by the following other council areas in Scotland: Edinburgh City, Scottish Borders and East Lothian. Table below shows a brief statistics of the Midlothian Council Area.

Council Area Midlothian
Population 88,627
Population Rank out of 32 26 out of 32
Area Size (km2) 355
Area Rank out of 32 21 out of 32
Population Density 250
Location of Midlothian Towns and Villages

Location of Midlothian Towns and Villages

The following is a list of Midlothian Towns and Villages by Population. Data is from the census of 2011.

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1 Penicuik 15,931 Towns
2 Bonnyrigg 15,674 Towns
3 Dalkeith 12,348 Towns
4 Gorebridge 5,779 Village
5 Danderhall 3,259 Village
6 Borthwick 2,847 Village
7 Rosewell 1,560 Village
8 Pathhead 958 Village
9 Temple 229 Village
10 Whitehill 159 Village
11 Edgehead 119 Village


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