The goal of any affiliate marketer is to increase affiliate sales of whatever he is selling and therefore make profit. This applies to any other type of business one would want to start. Remember that in any type of business you think about, there will always be competition.

So how do you get ahead of your competitors because it’s by doing so that you will benefit from increased level of sales? To increase affiliate sales in affiliate marketing especially in shareasale network, below are main things that the affiliate marketer should take into consideration

Build on your online reputation

Reputation is key for any online business as there are many scam websites out there. Strive to build people’s trust in your online business. If you have an online store, sell to them genuine products. Once they make the purchase and they start using the products, they will happy with your products. If they are happy with what you have offered to them, they will most likely recommend your business to their friends. By so doing, your business gets more customers which translates to more sales.

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For affiliates marketers, ensure you lead your website visitors to reputable sites that sells genuine products. The products you recommend to your traffic visitors should add value in their lives. This will increase affiliate sales in your online business.

Get more traffic

The number of targeted people visiting your business is directly proportional to the amount of sales you are likely to make. In affiliate marketing, the higher the number of targeted website visitors will increase affiliate sales by a big margin.  The question is, how do you increase the number of website visitors into your website? There are many legit ways of increasing website traffic in your website as outlined below:

How to increase affiliate sales

How to increase affiliate sales


    i.  Write good and informative website content:

        Many internet users worldwide are searching on the internet for information. Writing good website content will attract the attention of these readers. Therefore they are most likely to visit your website for more information in future.

Further, good content improves your SEO ranking hence more traffic.

   ii. Advertise your website:

Advertising is key for the success of any online business. Tell people about your business because it is the people that will contribute to the success of of your business when they make purchases. You can advertise your business in facebook, twitter or even in search engines by specifying a relevant keyword related to your business.

iii. Email marketing:

This is another method of increasing traffic to your website. Let people sign up their emails to receive regular updates about your business. In the process of sending them these updates, you can also inform them about the products you are promoting. This will increase affiliate sales depending on how many people have signed up their email.

Direct your website visitors to your affiliate products

 Once visitors start coming into your website, you should tell them about your affiliate products.

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Explain to them what these products are all about and how they are going to benefit them if they purchase. Don’t trick them into buying, just tell them the truth. This will increase affiliate sales in the long run.

Focus on conversion rates

In order to increase affiliate sales, an affiliate marketer should  focus in getting more traffic into his website. He should also focus more on how to convert these traffic into buyers. For instance assume your website is receiving around 1000 visitors per day, 50 visitors clicks your affiliate link and only 5 visitors buys the product. You should strategize on how to increase the conversion rate. For example,  maybe those who clicks your affiliate link to increase to 300 and the actual buyers to increase to around 40.

Write True Reviews about a product

You should explain to your website visitor the correct information regarding the affiliate product you are promoting. Tell him all the advantages and disadvantages of the product you are promoting. It will help him have vital information regarding the product prior to the purchase. Remember, lying to your website visitors so that they can purchase a certain affiliate product will ruin the reputation of your online business.

Offer Incentives

Another way to increase affiliate sales is by offering incentives. An incentive is a thing that encourages people to do something. You can promise your buyers something in return if they buy a product using your affiliate link. Maybe you can promise to offer them a premium eBook or software. This way, they will be motivated to buy from you again and again thus increase in your sales

Ensure your Blog Design is appealing

 The first impression of any business is very crucial to the success of that business. How a website or blog is designed will determine if the visitors will spend time there reading your content. The blog or website should be well designed so that your visitors will be able to browse from one page to another or from one topic to another with ease. These will increase affiliate sales definitely. If a blog or website is poorly designed, no one will browse more pages of your website however good your content is.

Visuals are important

Visuals help to increase affiliate sales by a greater margin. Appealing images regarding a product you are promoting is vital. It will make your website visitors to be more interested in the product you are promoting. This will increase the number of people that are most likely to purchase the product you are promoting. So take time to design appealing images that are related to the product you are promoting.

Never force people to buy

You should never by any way force people to buy the product you are promoting. Just recommend so that they could make their own choices. By so doing, you will preserve your reputation and may increase affiliate sales in future.