Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing business? Is your goal oriented in succeeding in affiliate marketing business? Affiliate marketing business guide for beginners is the right article for you.  Grab a drink, take a comfortable chair and enjoy reading.

In my earlier post, I wrote about the basics of affiliate marketing business. In post, am going to discuss the actual steps a success oriented newbie in affiliate marketing should take.

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The following are ten major steps that every affiliate marketing newbie should follow so as to succeed in affiliate marketing:

1. Choose the right affiliate product to promote

Do a thorough research about the various affiliate products that are available across all the affiliate programs. Concentrate more on how well has the product been selling recently? What percentage commission will you get as a publisher when the product you are promoting sells?

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This is because some affiliate products have a very low commission and in my view it’s not worth investing you time and money in such products. Others have a very attractive commission but when you take a close look on how that affiliate product has been selling, the trend is quite discouraging.

So as a newbie whose mission is to succeed in affiliate marketing business, you should strike a balance between product’s commission and how frequently the product sells. That should be done before choosing that product as an affiliate product.

2. Buy that affiliate product first before promoting it

After you have done enough research regarding a certain affiliate product and you have made your final decision to promote it to your audience, what next?

Consider purchasing that product first and use it for some time. This will help you gather more information about that product so that you can deliver a correct, detailed and reliable review to your readers based on your experience.

Remember it is your readers that will purchase that product. If you give them the correct review about that product prior to their purchase, you will win their trust. Therefore they are bound to visit your website in future for reviews of other products.

If you lie to them about the product so that they can purchase and they ended up being disappointed after they have spent their money, you will lose their trust. This means no sales from them in future.

3. Investigate the various affiliate networks available

After you have selected an affiliate product and used it for some time to establish its advantages and disadvantages, the next thing is to do a research. Find out the various affiliate networks offering that product as an affiliate product.

Affiliate marketing business guide for beginners

Affiliate marketing business guide for beginners

One quick way of finding an affiliate program is to type the name of the affiliate product into google search engine then include affiliate program. Google search engine will give you all the companies that offer affiliate program for that particular product.

Also check various reviews about each and every affiliate network to determine the genuine ones and those with a purpose to scam people.

4. Select the best affiliate network in your niche

After you have reviewed all the affiliate networks, choose the best based on you preferences. Below are some of the most commonly used affiliate networks

5. Build a website for affiliate marketing business that is relevant to your niche

To participate in affiliate marketing business you need to develop a website. If you are not an experienced web developer, don’t worry. There are many experienced professionals who have specialized in website development at an affordable cost. Approach one of them and you will be online after a few days. If you can develop a website yourself, use wordpress as a website development platform because it is easy and convinient.

A website of your own will act as a platform to receive website visitors and then you direct these visitors to specific affiliate networks where after they buy products there, you earn a commission.

6. Create good and SEO friendly content in your website

We all know that website content is the corner stone of any successful online business. Remember, no one visits a given website to watch ads or to click affiliate links. We visit websites because we are in search of content or information to fulfil our needs.

Therefore to be a successful affiliate marketer, do your best to provide readers with good and informative content. Remember that it is your review or content that the reader will require so as to be convinced to purchase an item through clicking your affiliate link.

Moreover, good website content will make your website to rank higher in search engines therefore more visitors into your website. This will definitely translate into more sales for you.

7. Create affiliate links

Once your website is ready with great content, you should visit the affiliate network you chose in step 4 above and generate the affiliate links for the affiliate product you chose in step 1. Once you get these affiliate links, you should insert them in the relevant blog post.

8. Cloak the affiliate links

Cloaking of affiliate links simply means you generate urls on your own website and these urls should redirect to the affiliate link you obtained from the affiliate network. Why cloak affiliate links? This is to improve your SEO rankings. How do I cloak my affiliate link? You can achieve this by making use of a wordpress plug in called Thirsty Affiliates

9. Drive site traffic to posts with affiliate links

Up to this point, your affiliate marketing business is all set and ready. What next? You should now think of ways to bring customers into your business. This is referred to as driving website traffic into your online business. There are many legit methods to drive traffic into your website and they include the ones listed below:

  • Advertise your affiliate marketing website in facebook
  • Use google Ads that is advertise on google
  • Make use of email marketing whereby you convince people to sign up their email to receive regular updates from you.

10. Track the performance of your affiliate marketing business

Finally, view reports generated by you affiliate network on daily basis to establish how many sales you have made so far.