Aberdeen city, population 196,671, is a city within Scotland in the United Kingdom. Also, it is one of the 32 council areas of Scotland with an estimated population of 229,814 making it the eighth most populated council area in Scotland. This council area has an area of 187 km2 and a population density of 1,229 people per km2. It is ranked position 25th in terms of area among the Council areas of Scotland. The table below gives a brief overview about Aberdeen City council area. Geographically, Aberdeen City is located between two rivers and it is bordered by only one council area; Aberdeenshire.

Council Area Aberdeen City
Population 229,814
Population Rank out of 32 8 out of 32
Area Size (km2) 187
Area Rank out of 32 25 out of 32
Population Density 1,229


Aberdeen City has three constituencies representing it at the Scottish Parliament. These are Aberdeen Central, Aberdeen Donside and Aberdeen South. Aberdeen City is represented by six Member of European Parliament, was awarded the Royal burgh status in 1124 by David I of Scotland, then received earliest charter  from William the Lion in 1179 and thereafter it was given the city status in 1891. Aberdeen City Council is headed by Lord Provost and is made up of forty five wards, each ward being represented by a councillor.

Location of Aberdeen City

Location of Aberdeen City

Two major universities feature in Aberdeen City; that is the University of Aberdeen which was established in 1495 and the Robert Gordon University which received the university status in the year 1992. The two major universities has greatly contributed to the advancement of education not only in Aberdeen City but also in north east of Scotland.

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In terms of Religion, Christianity is the mainly practiced in Aberdeen City with the largest Denomination being Roman Catholic Church and Church of Scotland. Both denominations have many churches in Aberdeen City. Scottish Episcopal Church is ranked third in terms of numbers. Other protestant denominations present here include The Salvation Army, Unitarian church and Christadelphians just to mention a few. The Salvation Army is mainly found in east end of Union Street. Unitarian church was founded in the year 1833 and is situated in Skin Terrace. Christadelphians have existed in Aberdeen City since 1844 and presently they meet in the Inchgarth Community Centre in Garthdee.

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Economically, the traditional economical activities that have been practiced in Aberdeen City include textile Mills, shipbuilding, fishing and paper industries. Recently, technology advancement in electronics design and development industries have played a vital role to the replacement of the above traditional industries thereby resulting in the Aberdeen’s economic boom in the last thirty years.